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The Winston Willis Euclid Avenue Empire Aundra2021

INSTAGRAM: The Rise and Fall of the Winston Willis Empire




Miracle On East 105th Street

Contributing writer: Clifton House, Baltimore: The Legacy of award-winning poet, Lucille Clifton

America! Your day of reckoning is imminent…Taking our land back

When will it become a crime in America…?”

53 Years Ago: April 9, 1968 - The Funeral of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lynching With Guns

Grieving Mothers of Black Sons

Systemic Racism in America: Then and Now


On The Shoulders of Giants

C.T. Vivian: Civil Rights Pioneer – Living Legend

Stolen Land: Exposing America’s Historical Amnesia

11/22/63: Where I Was

1963 at 50: Looking Back

My Mother’s Friend, Mrs. Rosa

From Classroom To A Place In History

Mrs. Rosa, My Mother’s Friend

Sixty-Four Years After the Montgomery Bus Boycott The City Leads The Way Again

Zora and Cudjo A Slave Narrative Publication Long-Delayed

Revisiting The I Have A Dream Speech

56 Years Ago Today: The 1963 March on Washington

August 28, 1963

Monday, December 5, 1955: When Montgomery Walked

April, 1963 — The Beginning of A Long Hot Summer

When Ali Was King

Myrlie Evers: “More than the widow of…”

64 Years After the Montgomery Bus Boycott The City Leads The Way Again

November 22, 1963: Where I Was

Revisiting The I Have A Dream Speech

53 Years Ago: April 9, 1968

When Montgomery Walked…

One Hundred and Fifty Years

June 11, 1963

The Great March on Detroit: June 23, 1963

How I Remember Mrs. Rosa Parks

My Brother, Winston E. Willis:

Young Winston: The Price of Black$ Power in the 1960s

105th and Euclid: The Winston Willis Story

The Social Network of the 1970s

First Do No Harm: The Taking of 105th and Euclid

The Closed Doors of Justice

“When will it become a crime in America…?”

What Lies Beneath

Voices From Cleveland…Past and Present 1973, 1979, 2015

Voting Rights:

Voting Rights: The Fight Continues

History Lesson for Non-Voters

We Must Never Forget

If I Could’ve Voted at 16

Voting Rights Then and Now

Alabama, After All These Years

A New Generation of Foot Soldiers

Restoring the Protections of the Voting Rights Act

The Supremes Disappoint

Anticipation: Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act


The History We Made Together

From Hawaii to Washington

Trump: The Greatest Con Job In American History

Thank You Mr. President

“Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus”…

Race Relations:

Systemic Racism Then and Now

Racially-Motivated Mass Murder And Our Lingering Question…

Fear of the Black Man

…One Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

What Happened to Sandra Bland?

60 Years Later: ‘With All Deliberate Speed’

Race Matters


“Not Guilty”: A Modern Day Lynching

What Now America?

Women’s Issues:

Air Quotes” Debunking the Myth of “the strong Black Woman”

Anita Hill is owed an apology, and the line forms to the Right

Recy Taylor and the “Me Too” Moment of the Civil Rights Movement

The Right To Bare Arms

Female Television News Anchors: Serious Journalists or Hot News Babes, Bimbos/Bimbettes?

Remembering Minnie Riperton

Lucille Clifton: Their Mother’s Voice

Tina Turner: An Eyewitness to her Miraculous Transformation

Unsung: Channeling My Mother

The Second Oldest Profession

The War on Women



Women of Words, Words of Inspiration

Spirit Muse

My space is still my space, and solitude is my religion

In the wee small hours of the morning…

The Solitude of Space

My Favorite Place to Write

December 10th — Born On This Day, Emily Dickinson and Me

A Chance Encounter With My Favorite Director

Since You Went Away…


September 30, 1955

Ruby Red Lipstick and Natalie Wood Eyebrows